'I feed my pet snake day old chics and rats!' Pretty Mike reveals

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Controversial Nigerian socialite Pretty Mike told Mpasho that his pet python has a ravenous appetite.

"It eats baby chics, rabbits, rats and eggs, Depending on its appetite. On special ocassions like its birthday or major holidays I give her a rabbit."

Speaking on Mpasho Live with Kalondu Musyimi, Pretty Mike justified his choice of pet.

"People in Africa, we like to stereotype things and have decided that a snake is dangerous. I grew up in the US, my thinking is different. I have read alot about the python they don't have venom they are harmless. So I decided to get one. It stays in my living room and sometimes in my bedroom it moves around."

Asked to show the live audience his pet python on the Instagram session, Pretty Mike declined saying,

"For the last two years, I have kept him from the public eye yet people say negative comments associating the python with negativity. I don't talk about her like that anymore. Now, she is 28 feet long, I may show her off to the world one more time in the future."

Asked why he named his snake after a famous female celebrity. Pretty Mike said,

"I call her Toke. It was a little controversial back then because we do have good friend of ours with quite a similar name.... that was a while ago, it was all fun while it lasted."

Since he lets his pet python roam around the house how does his guest deal with that?

"All my friends know her. I have a small group of friends, who understand me and the kind of person I am everything is about explanation. I take her out sometimes. Sometimes we might just go on a date," Pretty Mike said.

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