Lioness! Meet Museveni's drop dead gorgeous daughter, Natasha Karugire

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

The daughter of Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni and wife Janet has grown into a lioness making waves in the entertainment industry.

Natasha Museveni Karugire is celebrated for her prowess in fashion design and filmmaking.

Her film, 27 Guns is an action, adventure biopic film about  her dad, president Museveni and his military colleagues during the Ugandan Bush War.

Natasha wrote and directed the film that was premiered in Kampala on September 8, 2018 and was later screened in Johannesburg South Africa on September 19.

The story follows the life of a young man and his unlikely group of young idealists leave their lives behind to fight for salvation of a nation.

They set off with little more than discipline and courage, buoyed by the indomitable spirit of an oppressed people and launched a protracted guerrilla war.

That said, here are photos of the first daughter, Natasha.