'My baby will not allow it!' Shakilla storms Eric Omondi's wedding, beats him up (Photos)

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

19-year-old Shakilla is an unstoppable Tsumani. She swept into Eric Omondi's wedding - stunt - and brought the whole ceremony to a standstill.

In a video that has since gone viral, Shakilla who was dressed in an ivory dress and a veil - ready to get married - walked into Eric Omondi's wedding with Carol Kamweru demanding that he weds her too.

"Which Wedding is happening here? My baby cannot let this happen."


"Even Eric Omondi knows that girl doesn't deserve him." she continued her rant, " You have the audacity of holding a wedding and not saying?"

Shakilla could not be stopped by the bouncers as she lunged towards Eric and started beating him. After they were separated, Eric could be heard telling the bouncers,

"Just let me talk to her. Wacha minuongeleshe."

When he moved close to where Shakilla was, she again attacked him. The bouncers had to carry her off the premises.

Here are photos from the chaotic wedding scene.