First photos emerge of Cebbie Koks and fianc together at Vesha's graduation party

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

For the first time ever since the public proposal, Cebbie Koks was spotted in public with her fiance, Dr Juspus Rusana. This was after their much-publicised engagement mid this year.

In a past interview, she vowed to keep him away from the public limelight.

She said,

Nobody was going to know about him if the engagement didn't happen because I like to hide someone I share my emotions with because of social media. With the current society, exposing a relationship especially a young one you'll get stressed up and a lot of backlash. His inbox is full. We deactivated it [account] then activated it again because women have been sending him messages. He has lost his privacy... that's why I try to hide a spouse. They'll never see him again...

Yesterday night she was accompanied by her doctor bae, for the niece, Vesha Okello's, graduation party at Kempinski.

Here are the screengrabs captured from Sandra Dacha's Instastories where she houded them asking, why they are on their phones texting.

Check them out.