'When I look at that chair I see Shanty' Shantys mum mourns

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

The needless death of 17-year-old Stephen Munga Gikonyo a.k.a Shanty at Niafest has left his family bereft and grieving.

His father, Geoffrey Mung’au speak to Mpasho after recording a statement about his son disappearance at Kabete police station on November 25, 2020.

"He was my only son, the 3rd born and last born, It is hard dealing with his death. Shanty had a big vision for his life, now it has died with him, he hoped that he would be a computer science engineer that is why he was big online."

The dad explained,

"Shanty’s mum has not recovered from his death. She was the one who was staying with him while I was away at work. We are still mourning, tears are still flowing."


"The other day she was telling me, 'I don’t know what to do, when I look at that chair I see Shanty'."

He continued,

"God is with us. I pray that he would come back to life or I can get justice for who killed him. He was at an event and it was organized and there was security and we would like them to come forward and explain what caused his death."

Shanty's dad explained that he was hit in the head numerous times and that is what killed him.

"My son was a good son, raised well and he had good morals. He was young and had a right to have fun but no right to be beaten him to death."

Watch the entire video below.