'I do believe there is witchcraft!' Diamond's producer says

Piece by: Queen Serem

WCB producer Lizer, popularly known as Eyo Lizer, says he believes in witchcraft because he has seen it through other people.

He told Wasafi Media, "I do believe that there is witchcraft. I have heard people use witchcraft and people bewitching each other. I do believe these things are there. I have never been bewitched and I have never thought about it."

Lizer said he was sick for a long time and had taken time off the studio, hence fans thought he had exited WCB. He also rubbished claims that he was depressed.

"No, I didn't have stress. I remember when I was sick another producer had to do my work. I was indoors for three weeks because it was malaria," he said.

"I'm still at WCB. I'm the official producer there. My contract is still intact. "

He says people have been claiming he is out of WCB because he didn't post photos on social media showing his time with Diamond Platnumz.

"I'm not photophobic. I don't really need to post, I don't even have a photo with Diamond. Most times, I do work with him and I don't take photos?" he said.

He says the hardest songs he ever worked on were 'Salome' by Diamond and Rayvanny and also 'Waka' the collabo that the WCB CEO featured Rick Ross.