Nani kama mama! Photos of Nairobi widow on the streets goes viral

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

A series of photos showing a mother and her three children seated by the roadside doing their homework has touched many hearts.

They may not have a place to stay but they have to do their homework.

The woman, Catherine Anjala is a widow and a mother of three; Kelvin Sikuku, Angela Naliaka and Emanuel Baraka.

Catherine is a resident of Kangemi and since she lost her job early this year due to the pandemic.

She is forced to leave her house and spend her days by the roadside on Waiyaki Way as they pass time because of her mounting rent arrears.

To survive and feed her children, Catherine depends on small donations from well wishers.

Our hawkeyed cameraman Wilfred Nyangaresi spotted her on July 22, 2020 along Waiyaki Way.

Check out the photos that have touched many.