Inside Lillian Nganga Machakos first lady's flashy 35th birthday party (Photos)

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Lillian Nganga is drop dead gorgeous.

The Machakos first lady just turned 35 and she did it in a big way.

She hosted a 35KM run and topped it with a flashy party that was invite only.

Taking to her social media she wrote,

"3 Months ago, I set a goal to run #35km for my birthday on June 22nd, as I turn #35years.

My longest run had been a #halfmarathon #21km so I embarked on a different training program for me to run #35km...and we for sure did complete #35km."

Adding, "I couldn't be happier! Best birthday gift to self."

Some of her birthday wishes and commitments werw summed up in a post where she wrote,

"I say keep weaving your story, keep learning, keep growing, keep shinning, block and stay away from all negativity, don't fear the unknown, live intentionally - and always ALWAYS do what makes you happy."

She continued,

"I continue to be grateful for above all the gift of life. Memento Mori, Carpe Diem."

Check out photos from her party.