Sema hela! This is Aslay's multi-million dollar mansion (photos)

Piece by: Queen Serem

Aslay Isihaka simply known as just Aslay has become a millionaire.

The Tanzanian singer and former Ya Moto Band member is now living in a mansion that is said to have cost him an arm and a leg.

By this I mean millions of dollars.

He started off by buying a multi-million dollar BMW worth Ksh 3,449,600.

He is now settling in a house that is reported to be over Ksh 10 Million.

Here are the photos:

Aslay is currently making headlines with the song Kwa Raha.

However, he is well known by the hit songs Natamba, Muhudumu, Hauna, Likizo, Pusha among others.

He recently released a hit song Bora Nife with Kenya's gospel singer Bahati. The song has got fans talking after the two failed to promote it.

Bahati opened up saying this was caused by a misunderstanding between their management.

Aslay was however accused of being the reason Ya Moto band split after he started working on his solo career without his colleagues Mbosso, Beka and Enock.