Pray for him! Churchill show comedian Othuol Othuol hospitalized (Photos)

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Yesterday morning Churchil Show's comedian Othuol Othuol fainted in his home and was rushed to Kitengela Hospital.

He was later refered to Kenyatta Hospital where he is yet to be attended to.

Laugh Industries Ken Waudo said, "Othuol Othuol has been unwell on and off for sometime now. Yesterday morning he apparently fainted and was rushed to Kitengela Hospital after scrutiny and diagnosis they referred him to Kenyatta National Hospital."

Waudo revealed that Othuol Othuol still hasn't been attended to since last night.

"He was conscious but he can't feel or move his body. Do you know since yesterday morning he has been on queue waiting to be attended to?"

Othuol was taken to Kenyatta Hospital Tuesday night by his fellow comedians.

At the time of going to press, the ailing comedian was at Emergency Monitoring Area B.

"Fellow artistes who took him to Kenyatta National Hospital yesternite spent the cold evening together consoling him and trying their best to have him attended to."

Here are photos of Othuol Othuol yesterday at Kitengela Hospital at 07:43am.

Comedians have gone on Twitter using the hashtag #KNHAttendOthuolOthuol.

Keep it here for more details as the story develops.