Be wise! Things you should never ever say to your dad

Piece by: Queen Serem

There are those who have not had the best relationships with their fathers. Sometime, words may slip from your mouth and get yourself saying the most mean words to him.

Well, these are words that you should NEVER say to your dad.

 You love my other siblings more than me.

Do not accuse him of not sharing his love with you. Everbody is different s be sure he loves each one of him uniquely and different.

I hate you.

These are strong words, no one wants to be hated. Whether you are angry or bored, never say these words to your dad.

Why did you give birth to me

You are still your father's child and be sure that he had you because he wanted to have you.

I don't see you supporting me

Just incase you see your father not supporting you in any project you are working on, he might not be agreeing with you. He might not support you but he just isn't agreeing with your choices.

I wish you weren't my father

He chose to bring you into this World, if they are still alive appreciate and be thankful for him.

You are not a good example

Fathers are also human and may make mistakes. Forgive and move on.

 I’m tired of continuously helping you with money

He probably educated you, bought you clothes, took care of your hospital bills, food and shelter. Its time for you to help him out at his old age.Think of all the times he has helped you.