Meet The 5 Kenyan Celebrities With The Biggest Bambams (Photos)

Piece by: Caren Nyota

Nothing can be compared to a woman with a pair of well-rounded buttocks.

This has always been up for debate among men. Most don't care about the face, after all, when you are seen in public, people will want to see you with a 'big machine'.

Having big buttocks in Africa is seen as a blessing, and being light-skinned is just a plus or an added advantage.

African men adore and love women with big buttocks and our well-endowed socialites are a great example.

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Everyone wants to have a piece of them. They are always breaking necks whenever they step out. They are the envy of the town.

Every woman wants to be like them and that's why some of the Kenyan women are using all means just to get that desired fine figure and big buttocks.

Well, from the famous Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika to Corazon Kwamboka, here are the Kenyan women with big bambams making men go gaga.


  1. Vera Sidika

The bootylicious socialite is always driving men crazy with her mammoth behind every time she steps out. She is well endowed.

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2. Risper Faith


The controversial socialite and mother of one also has a booty for days.

3. Corazon Kwamboka

She is a lawyer-cum-businesswoman. She became popular because of her big backside.

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