Baby bauss! Grace Msalame's twins have a bomb fashion line

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Media personality Grace Msalame unveiled her own fashion line in collaboration with Vivo dubbed Sowairina.

Grace described Sowairina by Vivo line.

"They all follow a cross-over pattern theme if you notice, because not only is that detail cute but as women with all the roles we play as Wife, Mother, Career Woman and within each role comes with many layers like doctor to your kids, chef, driver name it!

And we do it all with Grace and a whole lot of prayer and support system."

Like mother like daughters, Grace's twin daughters Zawadi and Raha have a mini-brand that released its first collection titled ZaRa.

She describes the girls as "not only her greatest love, her but biggest inspiration and felt this was a perfect way to celebrate them."

When she launched Sowairina by Vivo, grace dedicated the line to her daughters.

Explaining why, Grace said,

"ZaRa, named after my twin daughters because they are not only my greatest love but my biggest inspiration and the first two women I minister to each day so through this I celebrate my little girls as well."

Here are some photo of Grace's stylish twins.