President of love! Rare photos of Omar Lali and the late Tecra Muigai during happy times

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Rare photos of incarcerated Lamu man, Omar Lali and Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai have emerged online.

Omar is in jail after he was arrested over the death of Tecra.

Autopsy reports indicate that her injuries - on the left side of her head - are consistent with a fall down a flight of stairs in a rented cottage in Lamu.

Tecra died days later on May 2, 2020, while receiving treatment at the Nairobi hospital.

She was buried in Naivasha on Saturday May 17, 2020.

One on Omar's pals, Mohamed Bin Shaib posted on Twitter photos of the couple during happier times saying he is the "president love" and not a killer of love.

"I visited Omar again, He told me not to worry about him because Almighty is NOT asleep, I gave her love and Almighty did the Rest. Keep watching them and TRUTH will be known. Ng’ombe Ananipa maziwa alafu mm nirudi nimuoe!?? #FreeOmar #Justice."


"We need justice!!! Omar Lali is innocent. His only Crime is love!! Stop creating stories and making things difficult for him."

Mohammed shared the photos on his Twitter account.

Check them out below.