A sleek ride for Mike Sonko's son, Gift Osinya! Governor explains why

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Governor Mike Sonko has gifted his adopted son, Gift Moses Osinya, a sleek drop top ride for his 19th birthday.

In a birthday message the Nairobi politician wrote,

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIFT OSINYA. Another year older and another reason to celebrate, as you turn 19 today, the seven years we have so far shared with you while growing up are like treasures to our family."

He continued,

"I can remember your moment of tears during the first difficult days you joined us as a family, but today i tell the rest of the world that the devil is a liar for God wiped your tears with abundant happiness and love."

Sonko went ahead to lavish Gift with praises.

"Gift, you are a gift of blessing as part of our family, may you be gifted with life's biggest joy. Thanks for being a wonderful son to us. We are so fortunate to have a fantastic son like you. Happy birthday once more."

Check out the video of the birthday party.

Here are photos of the birthday party as well.