Photos of JKIA engineer Edward Okello stabbed by girlfriend in Umoja

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Edward Okello who is an engineer at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport was stabbed on the chest by his girlfriend.

The Saturday night incident happened I  Umoja.

Vigilance Shighi was filmed talking about the scuffle that eventually led to the death of Edward.

‘A woman will defend herself with anything!’ Vigilance Shighi accused of killing JKIA engineer 

Asked who wielded the knife first.

Vigilance said,

"I don't know what happened. Kisu ilikua tuu hapo. All I know is that we were fighting."

Watch the video .

According to the police report at Buruburu Police Station,

"Edward Okello aged 33 years working as an airplane engineer at JKIA had been stabbed on the chest by his girlfriend, Taita female adult namely Vigilance Shighi aged 29yrs."

He was rushed to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital where he was pronounced dead while undergoing treatment.

Edward was 33 years old. On his social media, he did not post much about himself but favoured memes and inspirational posts.

When he posted about himself it was in the company of his pals having a good time.

May he rest in  peace.

Here are photos of Edward.