Comedian Propesa claim David The Student amepata bibi majuu (Photo)

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Comedian David the Student is back in the limelight again. This time not for nefarious reasons but for reasons to do with the matter of the heart.

The star who is currently based in Bellingham, Washington is said to have fallen in love.

Or maybe he has just found a quarantine partner.

In one post he is spotted playing with two caucasian children.

David captioned the photos with two scarlet red love heart emojis.

It is not clear whom those children belong too, but they seem to be close to David the student.

In another photo, David The Student is seen locking lips with an unidentified caucasian blonde babe.

The photo of the two kissing was posted by comedian Propesa, with the caption,

"Harusi tunayo."

Check it out.

Their fans could not keep calm. Check out their candid responses to the post.