Even if the ink has run dry, the love lives on! Photos from Ken Walibora's funeral

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Tears flowed freely at the Makutano home of professor Ken Waliaula Walibora in Cherang’any.

The veteran journalist and reknown author was laid to rest in a low key funeral service attended by only 15 people.

This is in line with the ministry of health regulations to reduce COVID-19 soread and infections.

The 47-minute funeral service was attended by extended family members, neighbours and scholars.

Walibora's wife Ann Chebet and his two children Sheila Zawadi and Katila Samba could not attend as they are based in the USA.

Walibora was eulogised by family, friends and scholars.

They described him as,

"He was a scholar of repute yet a man well

aware of the limits of his knowledge. He lived and worked within the framework of this understanding."


"Humbled by the knowledge of possibilities latent in his human fallibility, he made every

effort to exemplify the nobility of the human spirit."

May he rest in eternal peace.

Here are photos from Walibora's funeral.