Mega TBT! When Vivian was broke and ashy and a mali mali seller (Photo)

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Vivian ametoka mbali.

Making it in the music industry was not an easy thing for Vivian. She has narrated severally how she has struggled to get to where she is as an influential female artiste.

In a past social media post Vivian wrote, "Everyone has those moments where you find yourself entangled in wrong circles, wrong friends who introduce you to habits that ruin your life. A couple of years back, I was in the wrong relationships, confused about my purpose, angry at the world, hustling to make ends meet."

She added, "I would have perished and wasted my life were it not for this great Man of God. His name is Pastor Pete Odera , of The Waterbrook Church. He accepted me for whom I am and walked with me, encouraged me and never judged me despite of how messy I was. He never forced me to stop singing love songs. In fact he cheered me on and appreciated my songs especially "Same Girl". Years later I am grateful for this great Man of God and attend Church Service regularly on Sundays."

Vivian shared a cute photo of back when she was broke and ashy.

She added, "Anytime I take a look at this picture it reminds me to be more humble. Why should I really boast. By then things were so tough on me. I hadnt started singing. I was a mali mali seller. I sold cups, plates, thermos to make ends meet. The piece of watermelon was my lunch that day. Surely never despise humble beginnings. I look at my life and all I can say is God reigns over our lives. Your current situation is not your future. There is always a brighter day ahead."

Fans reacted.

Shaniz Njeri: Woow you was alwz beautiful

Calvin Jura: Amen.Go higher!

Josy Mboke: U mean huyu no wewe ngai fafa

Linet Kwamboka: Enyewe pesa hubadilisha mtu

Rhydone Litunya: Umetoka mbali

Geraldcollins Lovelace: Inspiring

Here is the photo everyone is talking about.