'Kwenda! Musiambie mtoto wangu hivyo,' Size 8 tells fans after Wambo throws tantrum on IG Live (Photos)

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Gospel singer Size 8 was not ready to deal with a full blown tantrum infront of her thousands of fans.

Recently, she went on Instagram Live ready to entertain her fans but things did not go as planned.

Size 8 had set up DJing decks to play some music for her followers but minutes after starting the live video session, her first born daughter Ladasha Belle started crying.

She was asking to be given the mother's phone to play with.

That was not possible because the phone in question was being used to stream the IG live session.

Size 8 tried to tell Wambo she can use her dad's phone instead but she did not want to hear of it.

The tantram lasted for over 20 minutes with Wambo insisting she wants the mum's phone.

At the time, fans kept asking Mama Wambo to deal with the situation.

Others urged her to jusg terminate the session and give her the phone.

One user said, Size 8 should not spare the rod, but use it.

Size 8 stood firm and defended her child saying, "Kwenda. Musiambie mtoto wangu hivyo."

Size  8 then proceeded to placate Wambo with another phone and before long she had settled down and the session continued.

Here are screenshots taken during that very raw, real and uncut IG session.