Huddah Monroe transforms after reversing cosmetic surgery (Photos)

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Huddah Monroe has transformed herself from the  big bosomed babe to an average one.

If you will notice, she reduced her bosom which she had enhanced surgically.

In the past Huddah has pointed out that she enlarged her chestal area due to pressure from her partner whom she was dating at the time.

She hated the look.

"If there’s one thing I have told my 20-year-old self, it is, ‘Don’t do your boobs’. I did my boobs for a man who didn’t even end up marrying me! He funded that sh#t, gave me $35,000 (Sh3,500,000) plus flight, hotel, shopping. Motherf***er! God forgive you," Huddah wrote on social media.

Well, Huddah has now revealed why she looks different. She spoke about her reduction surgery  during a YouTube video on Bridget Shighadi's channel.

I was under the knife for my boobs, I got silicon and I removed them and now I'm natural

In 2017, Huddah went for corrective surgery in Beverly Hills after a botched first enlargement surgery. This corrective surgery cost her $10,545 (Sh1,054,500).

"Got complications from a previous cosmetic Surgery I had (a story for another day) and I am pleased with my Doctors who have done an incredible job on me….. I can’t be more thankful! I could’ve died but I’m well now," she wrote.


"Cc @drjlayke @drpay of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group for making me feel amazing and confident once again! I would recommend them to anyone!"

Check out photos of Huddah with a smaller but still sexy bosom.