'Vera Sidika asked for Ksh 300,000...' Comedian leaks conversation

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Leaked Whatsapp conversations between Vera Sidika and comedian Ajaabu Comedian have revealed that the socialite cum businesswoman charges top dollar for appearances.

The Whatsapp messages shared exclusively with Mpasho, reveal that Vera Sidika's not averse to appearing in music videos or comedian skits, as long as you pay her and pay her well.

Vera's brand can sell anything and as such, she is not going to use her influence in projects that are not lucrative.

In the WhatsApp chats, Vera tells the comedian,

"I've declined even being in Koffi Olimide's music video for 2 years now. And last week, J blessing called to ask me again that he wants me in it."

Ajaabu Comedian wanted Vera on his skit and he had Ksh 10,000 budgeted for her appearance.

Shock pon shocketh on him.

When he approached Vera, he asked for a discount.

"We talk (sic) about video and you said u want 300k can you make 100k. What is last, atleast nitafute, please. By the way, I have 112k subscribers my channel."

Vera responded,

"Good for you."

Refusing to take anything lower, not even an upfront, down payment of Ksh 150,000 and the rest after the shoot.

Ajaabu Comedian was super disappointed.

Check out the screenshots below.