Love of a family! See what Grace Msalame's family did for her

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

There is nothing like family.

Grace Msalame recently unveiled a near and dear project to her heart, a fashion line titled sowairina by Vivo.

In her blog, Grace wrote, "After 5 years of a partnership with our Brand Ambassador, Grace Msalame, we came together to birth a new brand, Sowairina By Vivo. The brand has been a labor of love, between the two parties and has been in the works for the past few months."

At the launch, Grace was not only surrounded by friends, peers and fans but also, her family.

Grace highlighted this by tweeting, "Before the day is up! My WCW’s! My nearest & dearest! My Family, My heartRed heart To Mum, Sis & my girls... I count myself incredibly blessed when I look at the Woman who raised me, the amazing woman my younger sister has turned out to be & my beautiful, incredibly smart daughters..."

Check out the cute photos of Grace's family at the event.