6 Kenyan Celebs Married To Elegant Dark-Skinned Ladies

Piece by: Mpasho News

For some reason, men seem to consider a lady's skin complexion before dating her, and if you check most of the Kenyan celebrities who have girlfriends and wives, most of them are light-skinned.

But there are still those who see the beauty in a dark-skinned lady because at the end of the day, it's more than just the physical appearance.

In regards to this, how about we take a look at some Kenyan celebrities who are dating or are married to dark-skinned ladies.

Check them out;

1. Waihiga Mwaura And Joyce Omondi

The two, who have been married for a year plus, do make a wonderful couple. After a relationship which was well kept from the public eye, the two later wedded at an invites only wedding which was graced by the big names in the media industry.

2. Actor Philip Karanja And Catherine Kamau (Kate)

The two have been dating for the longest time now and they do look adorable. Philip is an actor and Kate is an actress who met in the film industry.

3. Pastor Allan Kiuna And Kathy Kiuna

They are one of the celebrity religious leaders in town and without a doubt these two are trendsetters. Their work in the ministry is well recognized.

4. DJ Soxxy And Anne Wanjiku

After dating for almost four years, DJ Soxxy decided to make it official by walking Anne down the aisle. Since then, the two are blessed with two adorable children.

6. DJ Krowbar And Joy

They have been married for some time now with two daughters, and a son, not to mention the inspiration they have been giving to other couples.

7. John Allan Namu

The former KTN news anchor and investigative journalist is married to the love of his life, Sheena Makena. The two walked down the aisle back in September 2010.

"My wife and I were very good friends even before I fell in love with her. She wouldn’t judge me even with a high-flying career. She took the time to understand my flaws, weaknesses, and strengths," Allan said about his wife in an interview a few years back.