Love cannot be forced, it comes naturally. In Kenya, we have several power couples who are admired so much by the public. From politicians to musicians, they are never afraid when it comes to publicly displaying affection. They lead by example.

Unlike being known for having roving eyes, we have quite a number of politicians who have moved away from this, such as The Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba, CORD leader amongst others. They are never in controversy. take a look at the list below and vote for your favorite power couple.

1. Ababu Namwamba

He recently caused a stir on social media when photos of him and his wife on holiday in Iceland surfaced online. The son of Mulembe made headlines yet again, when he danced salsa on the Churchill show.

2. Isaac Mwaura

The new romantic politician in town. He is currently on honeymoon in one of Indonesia's tourist attraction destinations Bali Island with his new wife Nelius Mwaura. The nominated ODM MP shared some of the pictures online which left many wagging tongues.

3. Mike Sonko

The flamboyant senator has been in the spotlight for all the negative reasons in the past but all in all, he still goes back to his wife whom he loves so much despite all the controversies shadowing him. He is never afraid or ashamed of showing off his family to the public unlike some who would rather die than be seen in public with their better halves.

4. Raila Odinga

Baba cannot be forgotten. He is a role model to many. Raila and Ida are still the best Kenyan couple of all the times. The CORD leader has been able to keep his family life under the wraps thanks to his wife; Behind every successful man there is a woman.

5.  Alfred Mutua

The handsome man from Machakos. He is the true definition of a leader. He is always everywhere with his lover, obviously giving the impression of the perfect political power couple in Kenya.