Photo of the moment just before Silverstone Air crashed at Wilson Airport

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

A photo of the Silverstone Air plane moments before it crashed at Wilson Airport has emerged online.

The plane crash-landed at Wilson Airport minutes after departure. It was headed to Lamu. It is reported that it developed some technical hitch while taking off.

The plane had 50 passengers-those who sustained multiple injuries were evacuated to nearby hospitals while those with soft tissue injuries are receiving treatment by EMS at Silverstone offices.

Kenya Redcross has set up a psychosocial support desk at Wilson.

So far there are no fatalities.

The Kenya Airports Authority have released a press statement saying, "This morning at around 9 am, a Fokker 50 aircraft, registration number 5Y-IZO operated by Silverstone Air veered off the runway while departing from Wilson Airport, Nairobi."

Adding, "The aircraft had 55 souls on board, 50 passengers and 5 crew. Two passengers were slightly injured and are receiving appropriate medical attention. The aircraft was destined to Lamu via Mombasa. "

They continued, "The Aircraft Accident Investigations Directorate, under the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development, is carrying out investigations to establish the cause of the accident."

Here are photos of the plane after take-off and after it crashed.