A Controversial pastor in Malindi is on spot for spreading radical teachings against education in his church.

Pastor Paul Makenzi of Good News International Ministries allegedly uses the "bible" to make children drop out of school.

Last year police raided his church and rescued 53 students aged between 10 and 35 years who had quit school.

The pastor and his wife were charged in court but the controversial teachings are still going on.

Kilifi County Commissioner Magu Mutindika said they were aware of the preacher’s teachings and warned parents against allowing their children to join the church.

Speaking in Kilifi Mutindika said investigations done by his officers indicated that the Church located at Furunzi area along the Malindi Salagate road is not registered.

“The Church was established in Malindi we do not know the criteria which he used but he uses the bible to recruit children through ideological radicalization,’’ he said.

In Embu, another radical cult preaches against people getting medication.

Felicia Odado a representative of ACT, a civil rights organization said the issue of the televangelist has been discussed broadly in the Kilifi County peace  forums.

“Radicalization can be used by any religion, members of the public should be cautious and report such cases,’’ she said.

Bishop Lawrence Dena the Kilifi County Peace Forum Chairman said all religious leaders and Kaya elders approached the televangelist and openly told him they were against his teachings.