She is not your ordinary girl next door.

Remember Toxic, the chic who shocked many when she boldly took over the scene as a video vixen?

Her real name is Juliet Mochabo.

She was a back up dancer for Wycleff Jean when he was in Kenya for the MTV Africa Music Awards years back.

If you still don't remember her, check her out on this jam with King Kaka, back when he was called Rabbit.

Juliet moved to the UK where she is running a fashion business.

Her motto is...

''Clothes won't change the world. The women who wear them will '' ~Anne Klein~

Some of her clients include Pinky Ghelani and singer Avril who bought a sky high pair of boots sourced by Juliet's company. Avril rocked them during her homecoming concert in Nakuru , Kenya.

Juliet confessed on her website,

I was very nervous when I made the decision to have a website. That meant opening myself up to scrutiny which in this case would make anyone scared. I am not a quitter though, I know my goals and cannot allow myself to shy away from achieving them just because of fear of the unknown.

So, what is Juliet up to? You ask.

She has a celebrity styling business where she plays the role of a personal shopper.

Also, soon, she will be walking down the aisle to say "I do" to a special someone.

She gushed about it.

"My sister Sylvia (whom some of you have met in our Nairobi offices) visited from Kenya this past week after 4 long years of not seeing each other. Very emotional week for the both of us, trying to catch up on life, business, motherhood & not to forget my upcoming nuptials which was partly the main reason why she visited."

Check her out slaying in these outfits