Being a celebrity in Kenya is one hell of a situation. You are supposed to be a trendsetter when it comes to fashion and also a role model to many. Hence, people expect everything about you to be nothing short of perfection; you should not make mistakes similar to those of mere mortals.

The decorated KTN sexy siren Betty Kyallo is among the few public figures many look up to but of late, she seems to have lost many followers after she broke up with her baby daddy Dennis Okari. But being the strong woman she is, Betty has not let all these stop her from doing what she loves most. In fact she seems to be happier right now compared to the days she was married. Anyway, here are the five things that prove Betty Kyallo has gotten over Dennis Okari...


  1. She smiles more

Although we all know that she has a smile to die for, Betty Kyallo's recent photos are better compared to the old ones. She smiles more often in her latest pics. Was Okari the problem? Is that why she never smiled that much? Jijazie

2. Instagram pics on fleek

Wueh! Team Mafisi if you aren't on IG please make an effort and join. From her hair, eyebrows, makeup and even well-manicured nails, Betty's photos are on fleek nowadays. In short I mean anatesaa.


3. She has more time for her family

Of late we have seen the sexy lass hang out with her family a lot. Every weekend she spends time with them. The evidence of that is posted online with mooshy captions to go with it.  Although we have noticed she doesn't post photos of her daughter Ivanna, we hope she is okay.

4. She looks gorgeous on the silver screen

If you are not a fan of KTN please make it your number one station. KTN INABAMBA! How do you miss to see Betty Kyallo? Whenever she graces the screen nowadays....she leaves men gasping for their breath. She has transformed into a sizzling hot damsel. Kweli maisha ya ndoa ni ngumu.


5. Man have you seen her hair?!

While common girls are flossing with those cheap smelly River Road weaves, Betty Kyallo is living the life. She recently purchased a weave whose worth total is your three months rent. Urembo ni garama.