They usually say that children are a blessing from God, and I agree to that. In our Kenyan local industry, we have a lot of single parents who are single-handedly taking care of their children, and we are proud of them.

Although some chose to be single, others may have divorced or separated, or others forced by the circumstances, these Kenyan mums  still have their children with them and from all indications, they love and adore them.

Despite the fact that  most of them are busybodies, they may have borrowed a leaf from international celebrities such as Rihanna and Mariah Carey in that  they still create time to bond with their kids and this can be evident from their social media accounts, they are always posting photos of heartbeats.

Below is a list of some of the hottest and sexiest Kenyan celebrities who are single mothers

1. Esther Passaris

2. Catherine Kamau (Celina)

3. Victoria Rubadiri

4. Nazizi

5. Jacque Maribe