Getting a tattoo is hard for some of us, but many female celebrities have proven that they can add that beauty spot in the skin and still slay.

You’ve probably heard that joke that has been doing rounds saying, “Ukipata tattoo ya rose, ukizeeka itageuka kua weed!”

Forget about the dramatic Lil Wayne kind of tattoos, East African lasses have class, they choose the cutest art for their tattoo.

Without further ado, here are female celebrities with the most simple yet beautiful tattoos ever;

Hapa Ni Kubaya! Michelle Yola Removes “Prezzo” Tattoo

Jacqueline Wolper

She is a bongo movie actress, a businesswoman, and a fashionista. This girlfriend to WCB’s Harmonize has one of the most beautiful tattoos, earning her a number one to our A list today.

Feed your eyes here;


Kambua, a gospel artiste and a media personality almost got into trouble with her fans for showing off her tattoo. Forget the negatives, Kambua has a beautiful music note, tattoo on her hand.


SIRI IMETOBOLEWA! Kiss FM’s Adelle Onyango Finally Reveals How Many Tattoos She Has And The Meaning Behind Them (Video)

Adelle Onyango

Social activist Adelle Onyango has one of the clearest yet understandable tattoos in town. Her left hand is written, “God dwells within me, as me”

adelle onyango

Zari Hassan

Zari’s tattoos have a story and a half.

Zari had previously tattooed abbreviations of her ex-boyfriend – a basketballer she dates after Ivan – on her waist and on meeting her current baby daddy, Zari changed the tattoo in a way we could not believe how beautiful it came out.

Zari, a mother, businesswoman and ex-singer is one lady who knows to keep them simple yet creative.

After Kumdump Kama Takataka, This Is How Zari Hassan COVERED Her EX’s Tattoo (PHOTOS)

Huddah Monroe

She has the body we all crave and wish for. A body that blends well with the kind of tattoo she gets. Unlike other lasses who put tattoos on their boobs, Huddah was very careful and got two on her chest, just not on the boobs.

huddah monroe