Diamond and Queen Darleen

Diamond is so popular that even his family members enjoy some of that popularity. From his mother to his father and to his siblings, as long as you are related to the famous Chibu, utajulikana or as the Tanzanians say, utajurikana.

Queen Darleen

That is why even his sister Mwajuma Abdul aka Queen Darleen can get airtime in this esteemed tabloid: Mpasho.co.ke. Even the unattractive relation! What has Diamond’s sister gone and said now? In an interview with NRG radio, she spoke about what s3x means to her.

Timmy Tdat and Wasafi records crew

Queen Darleen has no reservations talking about her s3x life. Diamond’s sister surprised NRG presenters Timmy Tdat and Mwalimu Rachel when she talked about how she values lungul.

Timmy Tdat and Wasafi records crew

Darleen says that she gets confused when she stays for a long time without having s3x. She explains that she usually burns up with a desire to get smashed when she stays for long without having intercourse.

Queen Darleen

She said:

“Unajua mwanamke ata uwe na tofauti vipi ata uwe vipi lakini kuna wakati pia kama binadamu unahisia unahitaji kuwa na mpenzi, akuliwaze, akufurahishe. Unajua vile vitu vinafanya saa zingine uchanganyikiwe ukiwa hujapata siku nyingi. Hauna akili vizuri.”

The video is below:

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