Classic 105 radio host Mwalimu Kingangi has for the first time opened up on what his late dad left behind for him following his death.

King’ang’ i, who is loved for his humor, was brought up in a humble background

Speaking the morning show on Classic 105, Mwalimu said

‘The only inheritance my dad left me was my mum.

You finish school and you realize that responsibilities are waiting for you.

The minute you lower your loved one’s body into his/her grave you immediately start thinking of all the debts one has to pay.’

Mwalimu Kingangi went on to add that succession battles among the rich in Kenya is a sad tale that should be handled carefully.

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Look at the Michuki’s, JM Kariuki and Njenga Karume and see how they keep fighting in court.

‘It hurts me so bad because I know that these men worked hard for their money.

Look at the case of John Michuki he only has six kids yet he had properties worth billions.

why can’t they just agree among themselves on how to share the property?’ 

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