Ringtone looking for a wife

Gospel singer Ringtone, whose real name is Alex Apoko is looking for a wife.

The Pamela hitmaker had a placard printed outlining the qualities of a woman who will make a perfect wife for him.

Ringtone doesn’t want just any other woman but his demands are clear; a God-fearing, prayerful, hardworking and humble woman.

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To catch the attention of this future wife, the artiste drives all the way from his Runda mansion and parks his car somewhere along the leafy suburb and stands in the middle of the road with the placard.

Ringtone looking for a wife

During a recent interview on K24 UpClose with Betty, he said,

Now that Kenyan ladies are ignoring me we are going to go out to the road. There’s something I have been doing secretly. I’m surprised no one has noticed yet.


If in those 30 minutes a lady sees me and inboxes me we talk, I’m ready.

Ringtone, who has always branded himself as the most handsome man seems he’s yet to find the right choice.

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Apoko has also taken to social media to beg his followers to help him get a wife with the above description.

🙏🙏 please my loving brothers and SISTERS help me☝️☝️☝️

Recently, while hanging out bodaboda guys, were asked where Pamela (the lady he sang about in one of his songs) was. Many have begged him to marry her.

Reactions from Ringtone’s fans about him looking for a wife include;

theorionnews Ingia Tinder Ringtone 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥

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ginton001 Wanawake na mshindwaje kueka huyu msee box na ni president wa gospel mazee

janesjacindy By the way kuna app inaitwa tagged, Eskimo e.t.c. hapo you can find your ideal wife. I recommend that, tho I don’t use them 😂but I know people who have benefited from that. Try it sasa na utulie.🤗🤗

ora_mishi Njoo tuoane

Nelius Njoroge You NEVER know God’s plans. Maybe she is in the streets as a prostitute, God wants you to change her, take her out of the street, teach her God’s way, pray with her and make her believe in God, get saved and marry her.

Esther Muema Ringtone is building his name using controversy. He speaks good English but portrays a different picture on social media plus this wife search thing……he will always be identified with it so do not allow him to confuse you

muthonidina Dear Alex Apoko… Do you know the reason you still haven’t found a wife! You are praying for a wife but you are not working on it, your communication is very poor, while communication is the key to everything including ideal marriage and relationship😏if you are really looking for that special lady then you need to work on your communication. 1) if a lady DMs you hi then follow the conversation with hi to and start asking something’s about her, otherwise those girls with the qualifications your looking for are from a low background don’t expect that there will keep on DMing you while you are ignoring them, they don’t have WiFi that there will always be online day and night just for you, and by the time you realize it, she will be married to someone else and you will have to wait for another two years for you to find a wife, (communication is the key to everything be it business or relationships) wish you all the best… #imfikie Alex Apoko #Ringtone Apoko,,, 😜😜😜😜

ogega_pamelah Pamelah is here

Grace Wangari A good wife comes from God…get down on your knees and pray…

Esther Wanj Wanja If you are a serious genuine person and not playing with women minds our GOD will answer your prayers.

ginton001 Ringtone nikupee dame…..wakitaita mweupe kama mzungu but usiogope majukumu coz unakaa stingy sana,

Alphie da Pallace May your prayers be answered

Grace Wangari A good wife comes from God…get down on your knees and pray…

oidomguga By the way huyo Pamela ulileta kwa God si umek wife

muthonidina Money is everything but can buy something, love, happiness, trust, health.. You see these things may seem small but to find them is very hard, stop showing off your riches of you need true love for you will end up attracting the wrong lady’s, if they truly love you is because of who you are and not what you are, be humble dear, open your eyes and you will find her soon, not forgetting God first and you need to prove your communication, # imfikie Alex Apoko

Muthoni Wa Mbugua You want a God-fearing one, have you spoken to God about his daughters and are you ready to take care of them as they are? Some are not finished product as you may want them they become as you continue dying together.

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Tony Maina Stop this nonsense. Our ladies are not sold in the market. please have some respect for them. If you wanted to marry it would have been so long ago. A gentleman finds a lady and turns her into a wife material. We have so many good fine 👩 ladies

Mauline Moraa Continue praying 🙏🙏 🙏 God will help you out.