The discovery of the lifeless body of Sheila Njeri Murage threw her family into mourning but what is puzzling is the events surrounding her death.

Njeri was on Saturday found in a flower bed withing Santonia courts, Kilimani where she was attending a house party.

Ms Claire Chepkoech Nge’no ( owner of the house where party was held) Christine Awuor Aluoch and Shem Lwanga Mang’ula were arrested over her death.

A life cut short: Photos of woman found dead at a flower bed in Kilimani

Below are some of the mysteries surrounding Njeri’s death and what led to the trio being arrested.

  1. No commotion

Neighbours do not recall hearing any commotion but acknowledge that there was a party at house number B 03 on the second floor.

2. No one knows when Njeri left the ‘party’

 Ms Claire Chepkoech Nge’no ,Christine Awuor Aluoch and Shem Lwanga Mang’ula could not agree at what point Ms Njeri Murage left the party.

Nor how she ended up dead on a flower bed.

3. The area is maned 24/7 yet a post mortem reveals Njeri might have been hit by a blunt object.

Who would have done so and where did the intruders get in through given the court has only one entrance and exit.

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4. Mr Mangu’ula allegedly dozed off and when he woke up the next morning he went back to his house.

No one bothered to know about Njeri’s whereabout is a question the police are trying to unravel.

Mr Mang’ula was drinking at 1824 on Langata Road when he was invited by a friend to Ms Ng’eno’s house.

5. Their versions of the events that unfolded on the fateful night are contradictory hence their arrest.

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