A 21-year-old has confessed to sleeping with her stepdad and his son without the knowledge of her mother who lives with them in the same house.

According to *Stella she started sleeping with her stepdad because he gives me cash.

‘I am dating my step dad, at first I was reluctant but after he started giving me cash I gave in.

 He married my mother when I was only six years old and he is the one who has brought me up all this time.

 He started sleeping with me when I was 16.’

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Asked on who is the bedroom bully between the two Stella said,

‘My step brother is very good in bed plus I love him. After my mother got married the step son started seducing me and I gave in. My mum knows about it…’

Stella added,

‘The young man has tried to convince me to leave his dad but I can’t’. People know that I have a relationship with my step brother but they do not know I am also sleeping with his dad. I am however using the man as my sponsor.’

What is your advice for Stella?

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