The late singer, Peter Kaberere’s daughter, baby Halia is now 3 years. Well, this baby has a story…a miraculous story.

Her father, Kaberere also known as Qabbz died 3 years ago when her mother was still pregnant with baby Halia. May he rest in peace.

Hours after his burial, baby Halia was born.

It is now exactly 3 years after Qabbz burial and baby Halia’s birthday and his wife Njeri has gone ahead to remind Qabbz’s fans of a day like this, when he was laid to rest.

Forever In Our Hearts; Remembering The Legend Kaberere

kaberere kid

Qabbz’ wife, Njeri wrote;

 “Three years ago hours after we laid her dad to rest, this sweet little gal came to this world and i named her baby Halia which means “In rememberance of” She is such a joy to behold..Ula and i are proud of her.I bless God for taking care of this lovely gal..She’s so special..loves to sing and pray????????. .God be praised for this miracle baby..i cannot wait to see what you have in store for her..????You’re the giver of good gifts!Blessed be your Name!”

NI NEEMA YA BWANA! She Was Born When Her Dad Was Being Laid To Rest, But Gospel Singer Kaberere’s Daughter Is Now All Grown Up (PHOTOS)

Evident from her photos, the baby has grown to have a striking resemblance to her late dad.

Well, from us, we wish you a happy, happy birthday, Baby Halia.