Kenya Mpya bus

Matatu Sacco’s have been hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons lately. A week ago, an untouchable tout, according to the accounts of social media, was arrested after he beat a passenger, who refused to board his vehicle, leaving him nursing serious injuries.

Atajua hajui! Hessy speaks out about Felix Mwingirwa, the makanga who beat up passenger leaving him for dead 

Kenya Mpya bus Sacco which is also notorious for mistreating passengers and causing accidents along the busy Thika superhighway, is once again in the bad books of the law after one of its drivers knocked down a female pedestrian.

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According to a post that has gone viral, the lady was sandwiched between two matatus while trying to cross the road and the driver of a Kenya Mpya bus, who was behind the other matatu, knocked her down.

“Kenya mpya driver KCE 411V .shame on you.unashikanisha gari ukafinya mtu na ukajifanya hakuna kitu umefanya na ukaenda.mmekataa kupeleka huyo msichana hosi.mtakiona,” read a post by Mary Evans.

Here are the photos


Kenya Mpya bus


Kenya Mpya bus


Kenya Mpya bus