Kenyans on social media have condemned police officers for breaking into activist and blogger Mildred Owiso aka Atty’s house in Bururburu on Saturday morning.

A group of police lobbed teargas near Atty’s house when they raided her home.

The brave activist streamed the ugly events on her Facebook page before the rogue officers took her away.

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According to sources, Atty was arrested after a video she posted, exposing a policeman who entered her car along Jogoo road after she allegedly refused to give bribe over a traffic offense went viral.

The video of the police raiding the blogger’s home has gone viral as well and Kenyans are calling upon the police boss to take action and release her immediately.

Traffic Act Section 105 states that any police officer in uniform is allowed to stop any vehicle on the road and enter it during the routine inspection.

It shall be lawful for any police officer in uniform to stop any vehicle, and for any police officer, licensing officer or inspector, (a) to enter any vehicle; (b) to drive any vehicle or cause any vehicle to be driven; (c) upon reasonable suspicion of any offense under this Act, to order and require the owner of any vehicle to bring the vehicle to him,’ the act reads in part.

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She’s currently trending on Twitter under hashtag FreeAtty. Below are the reactions from Kenyans.

Kalya Shark After teargassing an entire estate, firing live bullets, shooting her dogs dead and breaking down doors…they charged her with “Creating disturbance in a manner to cause breach of peace” The irony…#Freeatty

Beverlyne Kwamboka It took police hours and hours to go rescue Garissa university students who were calling for emergency help, but it took police 5 seconds to go and arrest Atty an active citizen who exposed a corrupt police officer, @DCI_Kenya
why are they like this?

Edwin Sifuna This is totally unacceptable! What grudge does the @NPSOfficial_KE
hold against this lady because this isn’t the first time. She must be freed unconditionally and an unreserved apology rendered by @IG_NPS. The police is supposed to be a service not a force.

Brian Yuri It is very sad that the police have turned into a militia. Terrorizing innocent Citizens who speak up about injustices in the Society. The arrest of Mildred Atty is uncalled for and harrasment from the police. Her phone has been taken away and her destination unknown. #FreeAtty

Lord Mutai I have watched how police meted violence on Mildred and I’m totally dismayed. This is completely unacceptable. When police are challenged for their corrupt practices, this is how they respond? Our police sometimes behave like animals. #FreeAtty

Legit Daily Rogue Police officers have killed a dog, teargassed a residential area & destroyed property just but to arrest Mildred Owiso for refusing to bribe a cop. What country do we live in? I thought police officers should be the 1st to set an example. Unacceptable! #FreeAtty

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