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Being a first-time parent may be stressful. However, there are some key components you need to remember when going through the pregnancy phase.

1. Make the most of it

Enjoy the attention that is focused on just you with your first, because by the time you become pregnant with the second, not only will you be running after the first, but no one really seems to care!

2. You can’t plan it all

Prepare for the fact that your birthing experience may not match your birthing plan.

Anticipating this can help lessen the grief that some women feel when the birth didn’t go the way they planned.

It might sound ‘silly’ to those who don’t experience this, but many women feel traumatized and very sad after giving birth.

If, for example, they planned natural childbirth but wound up with a cesarean, this can be difficult to deal with for some women.

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3. Keep a record

Document the pregnancy.

From the physical to the emotional roller coaster it is nice to have a record of how you are feeling during the period for future comparison and as a way to give your children a piece of their history.

Also go for photo shoots and have a lot of photographic memory.

4. Watch what you eat

There’s a lot more things you can’t eat rather than what you can eat.High-Mercury Fish. Mercury is a highly toxic element.

Foods like Under cooked or Raw and Processed Meat. Caffeine.

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5. Trust your friends

Don’t listen to strangers’ advice-they’re lying.

Just listen to your closest girlfriend she knows best.

And save more money before going on maternity leave because babies are expensive.
6.Prevent stretch marks

Use Bio-Oil every day on the areas that are growing.

Not just your bump, but your thighs, breasts, etc.

This really helps reduce stretch marks.Consult your doctor as well for any additional product you may need.