Stivo Simple boy

Kibra’s budding artiste Stivo Simple Boy is still single and a virgin as well.

Stivo Simple Boy
Stivo Simple Boy with NYS students

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In an interview with Milele FM, he said,

I’m single. The women I hang out with are my friends. I’m a virgin and will only have sex after legally getting married, that is when I will have a ring on my finger. In short, after the wedding.

Stivo Simple Boy

The Vijana Tuwache Mihadharati star insisted that he has never had sex adding,

There’s time for everything.

The presenter went ahead to ask him how he controls his feelings and he said,

I just take a cold shower and everything calms down.

Stivo Simple Boy

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Asked what’s his take on the new Gengetone music is, Stivo said,

Hao wako ligi yao mimi niko yangu [we’re on two different levels].

Many were mesmerized by Stivo Simple Boy’s maturity and how he responds to questions.

Stivo Simple Boy
Kibra’s upcoming artiste Stivo Simple Boy

Check out reactions.

Fred Khaleed The guy is more mature than most of the artists who have been in the industry for centuries. Na sijasema Ringtone mimi 😀😀😀😀.

Eunice Wairimu Stivo shikilia hapo till marriage the way of God, kaa ka hiyo ligi ya mwangaza spread the gospel, you are going far 🙏

Lupita Tito Stivo simple boy is soo bright in terms of answering questions…
Kudos Stivo 💪💪💪

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