Media personality and show promoter Telehmani is trending after fooling DJ Coderedstylez that he was going to be live on Trevor Noah’s Show on Tuesday night.

Trevor Noah

The much over-hyped show didn’t happen and Tele went mute a few hours to the time set.

Why the hell we not gonna have Trevor Noah tonight because he promised that? We had communication about it and he created the poster and did everything. I set up everything, got Trevor’s book and even got questions ready for the show,’ DJ Stylez ranted in a live video.

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DJ Stylez tried to reach Tele on the phone but he didn’t pick. All the calls went unanswered.

But all of a sudden, I’m trying to call Tele and he is not picking up. If you can get hold of Telehmani tell him to come online and tell us why we don’t have him,’ he said.


I’m pretty upset, completely upset. I don’t do things like these. I spent my whole time planning for this. Tele let me down. I apologise to you guys and would never do anything like that. I’m true to the core. Sometimes in life sh*t happens.

Comedian MC Jessy saved the night after he joined DJ Stylez’ Instagram live pretending to be Trevor, leaving many in stitches.

Many were not surprised because it flopped and some of the reactions from Twitter include;

Brandon Kibett I don’t get why anyone would believe Trevor Noah would go live with just anyone. Please go through his Twitter. This week alone he has interviewed Bill Gates, Jennifer Garner, and Dr Anthony Fauci. Then DJ Stylez thinks he will discuss bike riding with him because Zablon said so???

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Kendall Roy But honestly. What did Stylez think Trevor Noah could possibly want to talk to him about?

Bravin Yuri DJ Stylez wants to weep! Dude even bought Trevor Noah’s Book to fake it till he makes it. But my brothers and sisters, God’s plan peeps, God’s plan.

Telehmani later came out to speak after the flopped live interview and during Instagram live, he said,

I just want to clarify DJ Codredstylez had nothing to do with the sh*t that happened today. I didn’t end up saving…I just wanted to say I’m to blame so acha niende hivi nicome.

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