Diana Rachel

People go through hell at their workplaces and TV presenter Diana Rachel Wairimu is one of them.

The soft-spoken TV presenter has called it quits at Ebru TV station and speaking about her exit on her Instagram account, she said she was working in a toxic environment.

‘I am done with being in an environment that is so toxic to even breathe. I am so done dealing with humans who feel like they have you. They are just controlling every move that you make. You cannot even think for yourself. You are treated like a school child. I mean I am almost 32. It is time for me to fly,’ the journalist said in a video.

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The multitalented media personality further revealed that she was done being employed.

‘I Quit!!! I quit, I quit I quit. Not on life though. I’m done with that chapter of employment. This may be a surprise to a majority because I may have looked like I am probably having my best life, don’t get me wrong, I have loved every bit of what I do, until I got to the point where I was just getting by the day and smiling for the cameras. Like I said in a previous post It can be painful. Transitioning into a new season. Tears shed. Outgrowing people. Shifting. Yet, there’s beauty in newness. I’m grateful for the more than two years I got to do what I love at Ebru TV . However this is the beginning of my journey and I’m not done creating content or telling stories that touch lives and make a difference….To newness 🥂🥂🥂To a new chapter🥂🥂🥂’ she wrote.

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Below is the video of Diana speaking