Tanasha Donna and Diamond's mother

Tanasha Donna is a strong woman. The mother of one who parted ways with her Tanzanian baby daddy Diamond Platnumz is doing fine.

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After giving birth Tanasha had issues with Diamond’s family and at some point, she and the singer’s mother were not seeing eye to eye.

Speaking about her relationship with her in-laws, she said,

First, all mothers should be respected. At the end of the day. It gets to a point they get a little controlling and that is where you have to set your own boundaries, ‘ she said.

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Diamond’s mother is known for frustrating his daughters-in-law and Tanasha said she couldn’t allow her control her.

And let them know, I’m the wrong person to control, darling. It all boils down again to what is best for you?’ she said.

She added,

Don’t disrespect anyone’s mother. Never disrespect anyone’s mother. Try and set the boundaries in a respectful way. And do so in the beginning of the relationship.

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Tanasha also threw shade at her baby daddy for not defending her and handling her disagreements with his mother amicably.

He or she should also take initiative and say, ‘Hey look! This is my woman/man do not cross certain boundaries or make them feel uncomfortable.

The budding rapper believes that family should keep boundaries so as not to interfere with other people’s relationships and if it doesn’t work, she said,

Look deep within yourself and ask, ‘Are you willing to put up with this BS? Or am I gonna leave?.

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