Dear ladies, if you find a good man, thank God. It’s hard to find good men out here. There are some men who are generous enough. They will do anything for their women and children. From treating them to exotic holidays, spoiling them with gifts, cooking, carrying out house chores and even buying their wives underwear.

“I Still Wash My Husband’s Undies And Cook For Him,” Confesses Africa’s Richest Woman

A man who goes by the name Kalu Igwe on Facebook has left many tongues wobbling after he confessed that he shops for his wife’s underwear. This is so unusual, especially for African men, and women have praised Kalu for being a good husband.


“I love good things. I love seeing my wife put on great outfits. Inside and out. I remember the first time I travelled outside the country without my wife, I started searching for one store I had heard so much about that they call Victoria’s Secret. 

I wanted to get the best Lingerie for my wife. I went in there and got her stuffs that will blow her mind. She did not send me. I just knew she deserves the best so I went to where they said you can get the best. I do all her lingerie shopping for her. I have studied her taste over time and have synchronized it with what I would love to feast my eyes on whenever I look at my wife. I always love it whenever I see the handwork of my selection on her. Trust me ,I always pick out the best.I always love it whenever I hear her say with pride ,my husband bought it for me each time people compliment her outfit.

Kalu Igwe

Each time she puts on an outfit,the first thing she does is to ask me whether I like it. I don’t mind if I don’t buy new things for myself. I can make that sacrifice as long as my wife and my kids are looking good. 

People don’t care about how many bottles of beer you drink daily, the type of car you drive, whether you live in banana island or you work for an oil company.

Kalu Igwe

Once they see how your wife and kids look, they can be able to tell the kind of person you are. Your wife reflects who you are. I’m not talking about dressing and looking expensive but understanding that no matter what level you find yourself in, you can actually package your wife and kids to look good as much as your resources will allow you,” read Kalu’s post on social media.