A Kenyan man is in a dilemma on whether he should get between the sheets with his young sister-in-law who is seriously tempting her.

*Peter* says,

I am having this strong urge to go sleep with my wives younger sister.

I know it is wrong but I just saw her sleeping naked with the room door open and I feel she wants me.

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Peter adds that despite praying, the temptations won’t go away.

I have prayed and even tried to watch movies but can’t, my wife is asleep trying to touch her but she refused. I had to go and open a bottle of wine to distract myself but the feeling is so strong I might need to drive out of my home.

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He adds,

The feeling is too strong, should I try?

Below are some of the responses Peter has received so far from social media users.

Imagine your wife sleeping with your younger brother.. 🤔🤔.. That should be your distraction.. Or go take a shower. Being a real man is not about the amount of temptations that came your way, but finding the strength and courage to overcome them even in the toughest of times.

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Another adds,

Wake your wife up and tell her to come and see what the devil wants to set on your table. She should warn her sister to stop sleeping naked in her house.

Just when you think your eyes have seen enough another fan advises Peter to use soap on himself rather than let himself get into temptations.

I think you have soap & water use it to discharge yourself.

What would you advise Peter to do? Should he let himself taste the forbidden fruit or should he zip it up?

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