Former Ya Moto Band member Enock Bella says he has reported all the social media accounts that spread rumours of his fake death.

He told Dizzim on Monday, “I saw screenshots, people telling me that other people are spreading rumours that I am dead. People called me, shocked by the news.

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“At first, I thought it was just a joke. Later, I didn’t understand why people were doing that.”

He reported the matter to the authorities.

“I don’t think I ever offended someone to this level that they would spread such news. I spoke to my lawyer. I have reported all those accounts and everything is now under the law. I must take action.

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“To my fans, don’t give up. Continue supporting my music. I depend on your support. There are people who wrote I died of a drug overdose. Others said I committed suicide. Others said I am poor and begging in the streets. I do not beg, I live a good life. I have done music for five years and I cannot lack. There is a blogger who called me to apologise. I apologise to all my fans for the fake news.”

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