Mishi Dora

Mishi Dora has a soft side these days. Syria is going through a rough patch now with bombings in a war that has killed many and displaced thousands. Harrowing photos of children have surfaced which breaks our hearts to see them go through this yet they do not even understand what’s going on.

Mishi Dora took to her social media to stand with Syrians, through a word of prayer to God. All she asked was for God to hear her prayer as God is a God of mercy and grace. She even went ahead to quote the Bible.

Mishi Dora at her father's funeral

OMG… this breaks me to the bone.. my heart cries and bleeds for Syria and other kids that get to pay a price on a crime they didn’t commit😭😭😢😢😢😢…as a human being and a mother….. I’m in tears …. God I’m still on my knees begging for your Blessings, your mercy and miracle… Open doors my dear father… please hear their cry…. I know you are a merciful God… and you said that knock and you shall be answered.. ask and you shall be given… I’m begging you to hear me knock on your door… hear me ask for your Blessings.. so we can help those that are really in need of our help… Amen!!!  #prayforsyria

Mishi Dora sobs during her father's burial

I guess when Mishi lost her dad, it opened up her eyes on what it means to be kind to all. She was known as the rude b**ch who frustrated people and always fought, but she has really become remorseful to society.

‘Where do I start from? Go well my love…’ sobs Mishi Dora as her father is laid to rest (photos)

We stand with Syria through prayer.