Larry Madowo has become a household name in Kenya. The journalist has however kept his love life at a low key. He’s never been seen flaunting a woman or rather confessing his emotions to “the love of his life”.

With a lot of city women pleading for his love on social media, Madowo has shown no interest… At all!

Well, a female fan has come out to ask him this:

rotichnehemiah: “I am single bacause I have never found someone who matches me or who can put up with me ” Quote @larrymadowo”

What many people don’t know is that Madowo’s dream was to become a priest. A missionary priest for that matter:

“Growing up, i wanted to be a priest, I went to a catholic seminary, st gabriel seminary in Kisumu. I was an alter boy. It was my ambition.When I was in high school, i wanted to be a missionary priest coz i love travelling. I used to correspond with consolata missionary but when i reached form four, i wasn’t sure about that. So i stopped corresponding with them.” Larry told Jeff Koinange on the JKL show

larry madowo

‘Wewe Hujachoka Na Mabibi Za Watu?’ Larry Madowo Attacked By Fans After Welcoming Amina Abdi To The Trend

He changed his dreams and started looking forward to becoming a lawyer. A dream, that never came to pass.

One thing is for certain though, Madowo is one of the most sought-after media personalities in Kenya and his life experiences is a clear indication of grass-to-grace.

Let’s just say his vocation is to be a ‘single’ man.

‘You Attend 100 Weddings In A Year Na Hujawai Pata Mtu.. Kwani We Ni Tent?’ Fans Beg Larry Madowo To Marry

Check out how fans have been commenting on his single ‘love life.’

Zak Mjajyz: You attend like 100 weddings in a year na hujawai pata mtu.. Kwani we ni tent?

Omondi Moses: Larry please stop swelling our head pile u r are letting us down, u r behaving like my Luyha watchman friend who normally post pictures of himself guarding different high class banks like Barclays, KCB, Standard chartered, CBK but hana ata ka m-shwari account. Just get a single mother of four pls amend ur life

Prince Jerry: Ee mwenyezi mungu, twakuomba siku ya leo ya kwamba ufungulie huyu kaka yetu macho ya ndani ili aweze kuonekaniwa na msaidizi na mpenzi wake…naomba nkiamini kwa jina lako takatifu Amina…and we say Amen…

Vicky Odhiambo Mbetu: Larry,i understand you bro… the picture you have with ladies are so loaded in your gullery that choosing makes your fore-head hairs disapper in athin space of air… you’re like sijui nichukuwe Amina…aaaa hapana.You think those ladies you take photos with smile becoz they are happy… no no no,you’re wrong about that at the back of their mind they be like… “na huyu ni nini na yeye anaoa lini haoni zilizopendwa”

Wabucha Wa Githinji: Sasa unatumia kizungu mingi tusijue ni harusi? Just keep taking selfies at other peoples weddings na hauoi, utajua watoto hawanunuliwi muthurwa.

Gaddafi Were: You are busy congratulating and attending people’s nuptials… When shall we attend yours? Men’s menopause is knocking at your door

Chirchir McCassey: Larry utaishi ukismile kwa nuptials😩😩 (whatever that is) za watu,.weka yako Ata we upewe smile,sssshh by the way, my sister did KCPE n got 437 less ndo afike 500,.she is good for you,.dowry utalipa Tu in monthly installments,.

D’isutza Eph: Nah’m Buda yaani ulisema ubachelor tano tena hata waende supreme court umeresist kuoa

Antony Anto: I am told she belongs to someone else but stealing is allowed here. I mean she has come to you come to her too

Cherono Marindany: Larry Madowo let me save you the torture of cyber bullying si unioe hii story iishe

Happiness B Bethsheba: Na ivi Larry haunanga feelings..unawagusagusa lkn wapi..ama ni mistari hauna .. atleast enda na uyo achana na story ya trend ala!

Mohammed TheBishop: Larry unatuangusha sisi kama wanaume.. Wewe kila wakati nikuwekwe friendzone hakuna demu anaeza kunoki? Kwani ulifanyia nini Mungu??

Muriithi Ngari: A man who hangs around a beautiful girl and says nothing end up fetching water at her wedding

Coolbrown Ashley: Luo Bae When shall people attend yours and congratulate you? Wiye bith ni, You always hangs around with beautiful ladies, kwani ni mafeelings haunanga? Ama you don’t function? Gileke machalo mar Murkomen

Belinda Jeruto:  If you look keenly utaona every couple have their matching colors for example, Larry na wake have put on orange, the nuptial ones have white while the other couple has blue/navy blue. Tunataka nuptials yako na Victoria sasa😏😏😏

Shikhu Thumbi: Just keep wishing people all happiness but your not in that happiness…it like a priest who preaches but is not even born again..haiyae

Solomon Naftaly: You can’t be serious congratulating Pals on their nuptials, when will pals congratulate you on your spousal?… Bure kabisha

Joseph Kariuk:  Nigga you gonna end up being the transport manager at Victoria wedding ….people from siaya we smooth n swift wewe ni mwitu

Franck Musundi: Larry have you become a tent to attend more than 50 weddings a year?? God is watching you at close range.