Business woman and social media influencer Cebbie K’keyo was smack in the middle of an infidelity scandal that was exposed hours after she got engaged.

A city woman claimed Cebby stole her husband and screenshots of their hot torrid affair were plastered on social media for all and sundry to see.

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Cebby has never commented until yesterday evening on a Live YouTube interview with Chris Atemo.

“People assumed I have been in hiding. I did not lose anyone or myself. The engagement gave birth to engagement and backlash,” Cebby said.

“The engagement was real. Alot of guys said it wasn’t because of the gas but it depends with your perception. They asked how coincidental is it that there was gas in the car.”

She continued,

“People overthink things. We are also inclined to loving bad news you don’t want to accept that something good has happened. I was equally shocked at the proposal. I did not know it was going to happen. It changed from just me and him knowing about us to the whole world knowing. It was not easy for both my family and his or brands I work with.”

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Asked why her fiance, Juspus Rusana, opted to buy her gas instead of flowers. Cebby explained,

“I’m an alpha female. I don’t like flowers and he chose the colour scheme of the gas (pink) and he had heard me talk about wanting gas before.”

Responding to the now infamous leaked screenshots, an unfazed Cebby said,

“I’m shocked they did not produce a sex tape. Everything else I expected it. I’m targeted because I’m on the public domain. I’m in the sphere of the millennial who think I shouldn’t be where i am.”

AkotheeAsked if the leaked screenshots dented her relationship with her older sister Akothee, Cebby said,

“Family is family…We spoke the same day we don’t need to show you we are good. The scandal did not dent us as much.”

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